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 The insurance industry is highly regulated and has set rates; there aren’t any "volume discount deals", “specials” or “shopping season sales”. Your needs and the underwriting process determine the rate that is selected. But, although the rates are set, we guarantee to find you the lowest rate available that suites your needs, and we do that with the our real-time quote engine from Compulife/Term Life Quotes Online. The online information is free, quick & simple!

How much does it cost to get started & when does my coverage start?Most insurance carriers allow policy holders to make monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual premium payments. Coverage begins from the date of signature on the application pending all underwriting questions are answered correctly.

Do insurance companies offer a money-back guarantee? Yes, they all offer a full refund. If, for whatever reason, you decide to cancel your application you can do so without any questions asked for up to 30 days after you have received your policy depending on the state regulations of the state in which you live.

What will my Insurance Premium be after I have finished paying the initial period of guaranteed Insurance Premiums? If your insurance is renewable then you will only pay up to the guaranteed maximum renewal premium. This maximum will be stated in your insurance policy. Your insurance policy will also list the current renewal rates. These are not guaranteed to remain the same each year but they give you an idea of what your insurance renewal cost will be. They may go up or down each year but your renewal premium will never be higher than the guaranteed maximum.

You may have heard of the term "re-entry" in a favorable way. "Re-entry" is when a policy holder comes to the end of their initial guarantee period and reapplies for new insurance coverage with a new period of guaranteed rates - just like starting a new policy but paying out a lower insurance premium than the guaranteed maximum renewal rate. You only qualify for "re-entry" if your health is still good. We would caution you about this 'renewal' option because you can not guarantee that your health will be as good when you come to renew your insurance policy. If it's not, and you chose this option following a short-term policy, you will be stuck with paying horrendously high premiums or loosing your insurance coverage. Also renewal insurance rates may seem low but if you viewed them without seeing the current and maximum renewal rates (as discussed above) you may make completely the wrong assessment. This is not a practice that our company condones and is considered deceptive by the insurance industry.

Please feel free to contact our insurance agency at any time and speak with one of our highly qualified representatives.

Always remember that it is much safer to go for a term life insurance policy with as long a term period as possible. In other words one that truly matches the length of time you need it for. If it's 30 years you shouldn't get a 10 year term rate thinking you will renew for the remaining 20 years at a similar low rate.

(* Disclaimer: Premiums shown are current for the quoted class and may differ by state. Full underwriting is required for all plans to determine each customer's eligibility and actual premium based on underwriting class and coverage. Premiums are shown for comparison purposes only. Premiums and products are subject to change without notice. Also, for those states that have adopted the NAIC Illustration Guidelines, a compliant, signed illustration or certification must be submitted with all such applications.)